Emergency Care

emergency care

Do orthodontic emergencies happen? They can, but they are rare. What you are far more likely to experience are simple mishaps common to treatment. To help you navigate these obstacles, we will break them down below.

What Is a Genuine Emergency?

A genuine orthodontic emergency is going to be an emergency in general. This means that you have become injured in a significant way. For example, during a tackle at a football game, your mouthguard came out and your teeth, mouth, and appliance were injured. When something like this happens, seek treatment at an emergency room or urgent care before calling us. You will need your injuries treated first, then we can help to fix your appliance.

What Is a General Mishap?

A general mishap is when something goes wrong with your appliance, but it isn’t going to hurt you in any significant way. This means things like a bracket coming off, a wire causing irritation, or your teeth hurting after an adjustment. In many cases, you can handle these things on your own, but sometimes you will need to see us. Here are some common issues to encounter:

  • General Soreness: After braces are first placed and after each adjustment, your teeth will be sore. Simply eat soft foods, use saltwater rinses, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever when needed. If you feel the soreness is becoming too severe, call us so we can determine if there is anything wrong.
  • Headgear Pain: If your headgear is causing you pain, it indicates you are not wearing it as often as instructed. Take a week to wear it exactly as often as ordered by the doctor; if the pain persists, contact us.
  • Poking Wire: If you have a wire that is poking you, see if it has come loose from the bracket. If so, try to get it back into place on your own. If you cannot, cover the end with dental wax and schedule an appointment.
  • Loose Bracket: If your bracket has come loose and is still on the wire, use wax to hold it in place. If it has come off, put it somewhere safe. In either case, call us so we can fix the issue.

While these are not the only things that can go wrong, they are the most common. No matter what issues you end up dealing with, remember that we are always here to help get you through them. Never hesitate to call.