Financial Information

financial information

Are you concerned about making orthodontic treatment affordable for you? Then you are in luck! We offer numerous ways to make it easier to pay for treatment.


If you have insurance coverage that includes dental care, it may pay for part or all of orthodontic treatment. Our office accepts most major insurance providers and our billing department is experienced in maximizing benefits in our patients’ favor. Simply bring in the information we need at your initial consultation and we will be able to determine how much your insurance provider will be able to cover for you.


One way we can reduce the overall cost of treatment is by offering you discounts. To get a discount, you pay for your treatment in full before it starts. We apply a discount at the time of payment, saving you money.

Payment Plans

If you cannot pay everything upfront, we can make payments easier for you. Our in-house payment plan asks that you make a down payment on treatment and then pay on a monthly basis until the full cost of treatment is covered. We do not charge interest for these plans in an effort to make treatment easier to access.

To determine what will work best for you, schedule your consultation.