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for adults

Are you an adult who is unhappy with your smile? You are not alone. Many adults who either did not receive treatment as teens or who did but did not wear their retainers look in the mirror and feel unhappy with the way their teeth look. The problem is that these men and women often think they have no choice but to live with an imperfect smile—that their window for correction has passed.

This is not true. Many adults are orthodontics patients—in fact, they make up about 20 percent of all people undergoing orthodontic treatment, and that number grows each year. So if you wish your smile could be better, stop wishing and make it happen!

Why You Should Consider Adult Orthodontic Treatment

  • Teeth that are not spaced correctly wear unevenly and are more likely to break
  • When you have poor alignment, your teeth may fall out at a young age
  • Crooked teeth can make eating difficult, causing digestive issues
  • When the jaws come together wrong, it can lead to significant jaw pain
  • A better smile means more confidence, which translates into greater success

Know Your Options

If the reason you are hesitant to explore treatment is the way braces look, know that you have options. Traditional braces are great, and if you have the confidence, they are an effective and affordable way to fix your smile. But if you need something more discreet, we have plenty of options for you. These include:

  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Lingual (behind the tooth) braces
  • Invisible braces

To find out which options are suited to your needs, schedule your consultation.