Invisalign Teen Info

Do you have a teen who needs braces but does not want to wear them? You may have even looked at Invisalign, only to see that the system is specifically for adults. Well, you are in luck; Invisalign offers a system specifically for teens.

Invisalign Teen: The Key Facts

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Invisalign teen offers the same benefits as the regular Invisalign system

The original system is not for teens because it is not designed to accommodate growth

Another concern with the original system is teens not being responsible with aligners

Invisalign teen addresses both of these issues, making aligners that accommodate growth, using indicator dots so teens wear their aligners as often as needed, and offering some free replacement aligners

Does Invisalign Teen Work for All Teens?

No, Invisalign Teen does not work to treat all orthodontic problems. The system is specifically designed to target mild to moderate orthodontic corrections. However, this does mean that the majority of teens can still use the system.

How Does Invisalign Teen Help Patients?

Beyond correcting smiles, it helps because it allows patients to feel confident during treatment. While braces are great, not everyone feels good about how they look. No one should suffer low self-esteem just because they are correcting their smile.

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