Office Visits

office visits


Now that you have decided it is time to pursue orthodontic treatment, you might be wondering what you can expect from your office visits. Well, there is no mystery with us. Here is everything you need to know about visits to our practice.

The Initial Examination

Your initial examination is about setting the foundation for your treatment with us. In addition to helping you get acquainted with our practice, we will also handle all the diagnostics and paperwork needed to get your treatment going. At this visit, expect to talk about your motivation for seeking treatment, what you want to achieve, and ask questions you may have. An exam will be completed as well as certain diagnostics such as x-rays and digital scans. The exam is free of charge, but there are fees associated with the diagnostics.

The Treatment Conference

If it is found that treatment is needed, your next appointment will be the treatment conference. This can take place the same day as the initial examination. At this conference, the doctor will go over all the problems found, what treatment options are recommended, and how treatment can help improve quality of life for the patient. You will be given more opportunities to ask questions and by the time you leave, will know exactly what to expect from treatment.

Placing the Appliance

If the prescribed appliance is a fixed appliance, there will be an appointment specifically for placing it. This appointment is likely to be the longest that you will have, coming in at around an hour. After this, normal activities can be resumed, but some patients may want to take the rest of the day off.

Regular Appointments

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, regular monitoring and adjustments are key to achieving successful results. How often we need to see you will depend on the type of treatment being completed. In some cases, we might need to see a patient once a month, while in others, once every other month will suffice. These appointments will continue through the retention stage of treatment.

Late Arrivals and Missed Appointments

If you are on your way to an appointment but running late, please let us know. We may be able to move up an appointment for someone already at the office to make room for you. If not, we will reschedule the appointment as soon as possible. Keep in mind that whenever an appointment is missed, it may take time to reschedule and that the rescheduled appointment may not be at such a convenient time. Additionally, missed appointments can impact the results of treatment and make treatment last longer, so whenever there is a way, make your appointment rather than canceling it.