SureSmile® FAQs

SureSmile Robotic Arm Customizing Braces Archwire

Why is a robotic arm more precise?

Humans are only capable of a certain amount of precision in their movements. Traditional braces require the orthodontist to bend the archwire by hand, but SureSmile uses a robotic arm, which achieves more precise results.

Braces on Orthodontic 3-D Digital Model of Teeth

How does SureSmile software work?

The treatment planning software uses a digital scan of your mouth to formulate multiple treatment options. The doctor will select the best one and then modify it as needed to achieve the best results for you.

SureSmile OraScanner - Digital Orthodontic Scanner

How does the OraScanner work?

The OraScanner is a hand-held device that functions much like a 3D digital camera, taking pictures of your teeth using flashing white light. The images create a 3D model in real time during the scanning procedure.

How much does SureSmile cost?

We cannot determine the cost until we complete an examination.

Does the doctor still control my treatment?

Yes, the software and robotic arm are simply tools. The doctor is still doing all the work and making sure the treatment plan is correct for you.

SureSmile Digital Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Could my teeth be damaged from moving faster?

While your teeth are moving faster than they would with traditional braces, this is not because your teeth are moving faster than they should; it is just that traditional braces do not optimize movement.

Braces Archwire Placement on 3-D Orthodontic Scan of Teeth

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