We all know at least once person who spent the majority of their teen years in braces—when everyone else got theirs off in one to two years, they seemed to have theirs for four years or more. While braces are great, no one wants to be stuck in braces that long.

But what if you have a complex case to treat? Well, thanks to SureSmile, you still can get out of braces in less time, and without compromising the quality of the results.

SureSmile works 30 percent faster than traditional braces. It also allows patients to schedule fewer office visits, experience less discomfort, and get high-quality results.

What is it that makes SureSmile different? It is the custom archwire. This sounds like a small difference, but the truth is that the archwire is the central element of braces. It is what applies pressure to the teeth and guides them into place. By using a custom made archwire, these braces are significantly more effective than those that are mass produced. This means fewer adjustments and less time in treatment.

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